My boyfriend keeps letters from previous relationships

My boyfriend keeps letters from previous relationships

How does my boyfriend keep letters from their ex-girlfriends?

My boyfriend stated that the envelop from their ex was at storage and he see clearly once more. But later on I’d a sense he didn’t toss it away and I also ended up being appropriate he kept it. This hits me personally as strange I have ever given him because he has thrown away all of the letters and cards. He stated he has got no explanation to help keep them, and therefore he does not keep letters and cards from individuals. Therefore, how come he keep letters from their ex girlfriends? Not just one but from 2 girls that are different.

Then how come the letters didn’t make it in the trash, if it really didn’t really mean anything if he says that things like this don’t matter? Alternatively it absolutely was set aside carefully, it has additionally occurred with photos from their ex girlfriends, and I also simply discovered that a picture is had by the envelop of their ex.

I am aware if individuals would you like to keep photos but letters?, even though its disrespectful in my experience, but in the exact same time We feel just like if somebody has got to keep photos or letters from ex-girlfriends they nevertheless are hanging on to one thing.

We don’t know very well what the letters suggest to him precisely. He always informs me we don’t trust him, but he keeps such things as this from me personally. Trust and sincerity goes both means. We don’t keep things from him.

I’ve been Buddhist dating considering means on how best to confront him concerning this. We’ve been dating for nearly 36 months, i recently had an atmosphere he didn’t toss the envelop away that day.


Individuals keep letters and images for many different reasons. But, mostly because individuals keep such mementos simply because they restore unique memories and unique emotions (realise why does partner speak with an ex).

And maintaining letters or photos of an ex doesn’t necessary imply that the man you’re seeing loves you any less. It would likely simply suggest he felt at that time that he likes the memory of how.

And merely since you are someone that is dating maybe maybe perhaps not signify that individual needs to throw in the towel all their memories of this past. Asking anyone to provide their keepsakes up so that you can show you respect is certainly not being extremely respectful.

Therefore, our most readily useful advice is to not ever “confront” the man you’re dating concerning the situation. Contemplating a discussion as being a conflict frequently turns it right into a conflict. An easy method to give some thought to this issue is to look at it as a discussion—a conversation where your objective is always to realize their standpoint without wanting to judge him or alter their behavior (see talk about issues).

Without reacting in a way that makes him feel ashamed or fearful of your reaction, you may find that understanding how he feels will bring you closer together if you try to understand why those past memories are so special to him. Everything you hear may harm your emotions or make one feel insufficient in someways, however you can’t alter his previous memories. And if you attempt to comprehend exactly how he seems concerning the situation, he will likely you will need to look at situation from your viewpoint. Such an authentic sharing of emotions might help produce greater closeness and understanding, if you’re able to learn how to keep your anxiety and worries from being released in hostile and/or manner that is defensive.

And quite often relationships work most readily useful when partners feel close and safe, but additionally allow one another to own a feeling of their particular identity. Relationships often don’t work when anyone feel threatened and attempt to get a grip on components of their partner’s behavior, aspects which people are entitled to—such as memories of these previous and keepsakes which are essential for them.

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